ZipDocs Features

ZipDocs comes with all the latest features to provide you security and ease of use.

Secured Online access

Built on the powerful framework in most secured architecture, ZipDocs is web based system to give freedom of use from where-ever & whenever by the authorized users throughout the organization.

Centralized storage system gives quick access to unlimited users without affecting the performance.

Document Creation & Uploading

Using ZipDocs, you can upload all format of documents either directly from online document creation applications (Google Docs, Microsoft office online, Adobe Acrobat DC and many more applications) or upload them directly from your local devices. It's easy and takes just a few clicks to bring your documents in the secured storage.

Document Sharing

Using ZipDocs, you can share documents with any person or team. Sharing can be direct as email attachment or web link through email, DropBox or fax. ZipDocs comes with pre-integrated setup with all the popular applications through secured connection.

Now you don't need to download or print documents to send it to your team, clients or anyone around the globe.

Version Control

It's now safe to give control of your sensitive documents to other users with the freedom to view and revert to any previous version. All edits and changes in the document remain stored within ZipDocs and can be retrieved anytime.

Search, Filteration & Tagging

You can search through millions of your documents quickly using ZipDocs. It's fast & easy.

System's provided data mining tool enables your searches simple. Not only original documents, but searching through document versions is also as simple. You can search, filter and tag your documents as needed.

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