ZipDocs® is a web base documents control and sharing system which can be used in lots of different scenarios. Being a standalone web application, ZipDocs® can be your enterprise record management system, industrial documents processing system, a commercial application or a document sharing hub.

ZipDocs® is designed to provide highest level of security to enterprise records and documents. Being state-of-the-art electronic storage system, ZipDocs® is equipped with all the right tools to ensure smooth operations within the organization while securing every aspect of data from forging, stealing and unauthorized manipulation following the global data security standards.

ZipDocs® is a highly reliable web-based solution which can be deployed standalone or in collaboration with any supportive application through encrypted or unencrypted connection or API calls. It’s designed to provide maximum ease of use and accessibility options to accommodate all type of users to store and retrieve their records. From document creation till sharing, every aspect of ZipDocs® is refined and blended to bring great user experience without compromising security. ZipDocs® is highly effective against data-theft and cyber-attacks due to multi-layered security options.

Creating all type of sensitive documents is now easy with ZipDocs®. ZipDocs® is easily integrated with document creation systems including Microsoft’s office online, Google Docs, Adobe and other online application. Storing the created or recorded document along with version control system effectively helps data management. In addition, it saves resources for data mining processes by providing easy search and filtration options within the system or externally integrated systems.

Sharing controlled data amongst the internal or external users through email or other social sharing options is on a click in ZipDocs®.

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